Masterclass Duda Paiva

Masterclass Duda Paiva
  • Korzo Theater, Den Haag  

Duda Paiva, the maker behind DPC, pioneers new movement concept that animate and extend the performers body language, blending it with contemporary dance and classical puppet manipulation to create a poetic and fluid illusion that provoques as much as it entertains. The technique suits the dancer or physical actor to establish a deeper connection between object and manipulator, using movement and voice as narrative tools in a specific form of choreography for two bodies that function under the direction of one mind.

Teacher Duda Paiva
Duda Paiva is artistic director from from DPC, DudaPaiva Company, a theater dance-theater company based in The Netherlands. Born and educated as actor and dancer in Brasil, Duda worked as dancer at Quasar Dance Company among joining other projects and companies as dancer and as a maker. In 1996 moved to The Netherlands where worked with choreographers such as Itzik Galili, Paul Selwyn Norton (also collaborator of DPC), RAZ, Piet Rogie, Ron Bunzl, Mischa van Dullemen among others. Created since 2004 DPC develops a unique blend between contemporary dance and object-theater and performs over 25 countries and is awarded with multiple prizes for its fresh, virtuosic and unconventional take on cross-art-form.