Momix - Botanica

Momix - Botanica
  • Lucent Danstheater, Den Haag  

Theatrical illusions and pure magic in the new production Botanica by Momix.

Momix is internationally renowned for its acrobatic dance theatre. Dancers with perfect physical control, theatrical illusion, magical light and shadow effects, wonderful sound effects and light-hearted touches are all ingredients of the fabulous shows, which are a blend of beauty, grace and spectacle. The man behind the American company is choreographer and artistic director Moses Pendleton, who has held sway for over thirty years. Botanica is his most recent work. It follows the rhythm of the seasons in New England, as well evolution and the passing of an ordinary day. Flowers bloom, run to seed and die. Plants and animals – in human form – flow together and change shape again. Pendleton’s boundlessly inventive mind and his use of costumes, projections and all sorts of objects create a world populated by the most fantastic creatures imaginable.


The company will be giving a workshop based on the performance. For more info click here.