Cie. Alias - Sideways Rain

Cie. Alias - Sideways Rain
Jean-Yves Genoud
  • Lucent Danstheater, Den Haag  

Along with fifteen dancers, the Brazilian choreographer Guilherme Botelho has created an experience into which the spectator is inexorably drawn, amazed by the simplicity of Botelho's concept and its impact. For seventy minutes, the dancers shuffle, crawl, walk, fall and run across the stage from left to right, around 250 times each. 'Sideways Rain' formed the exciting opening to the Springdance Festival 2011. In a perpetual stream of churning, hypnotic movement, it tells a plotless story about evolution, life and death, and time ticking by, unaffected by human worries. Botelho, artistic director of Compagnie Alias, which is based in Switzerland, says that he is a big fan of Charles Darwin and a keen runner. He has linked these two elements in 'Sideways Rain'. ‘What a wonderful performance’, wrote NRC Handelsblad.

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