Gábor Dusa
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  • Spuiplein, Den Haag  

A timeless classic by Krisztina de Châtel

Föld – Hungarian for earth – was made 27 years ago for the Holland Festival. Many at the time saw it as the festival’s highlight. Föld has since become a popular and timeless classic of Dutch modern dance. Performing to music by Philip Glass, six dancers wage a war of attrition to break through an imposing circular earthen bank. With the persistence of top athletes, they gradually mow it down. Their intense physical exertions can be seen as a metaphor for the struggle against matter and for existence. When Föld was performed in 2004 by Hungarian and Dutch dancers in Hungary and the Netherlands in the framework of Thinking Forward, it once again became clear that the choreography’s timeless character continues to make a great impression on press and public.

“The struggle to reduce the bank to the ground is once again imposing in this repeat performance…” –NRC Handelsblad, 1997

“Vibrant Föld is already a timeless classic.” –Trouw, 1990

"Föld is a fine acquisition for Dutch (modern) dance, thanks to the fascinating combination of pure, minimal dance with performance-acting and visual art."–de Volkskrant

Föld has been made possible through the generous support of the Municipality of The Hague.