STREB Extreme Action Company

STREB Extreme Action Company
  • , Atrium (Stadhuis Den Haag), Den Haag  
  • Atrium (Stadhuis Den Haag), Den Haag  
  • Atrium (Stadhuis Den Haag), Den Haag  
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The phenomenal American company STREB Extreme Action has already captured many hearts in their hometown, New York. Just before the group will be presented by the London 2012 Festival and the Mayor of London, they are touching down in the Netherlands for the Holland Dance Festival. 

STREB interweaves the disciplines of dance, athletics, boxing, rodeo, circus and Hollywood stunt work. The result is a prickly, muscle-and-motion vocabulary that combines pure movement with strict precision in its execution.

Choreographer Elizabeth Streb uses the rehearsal space as a laboratory for testing out scientific principles on the body, leading to spectacular movements in which her dancers achieve extreme speeds, play unprecedented games with gravity and perform risky routines. The result is a mix of pure top sport, dance and experiments in physics, packed with theatricality, daring and virtuosity. All in all, Streb's latest production, Forces, is a real must see! So go see the performance in the Atrium, The Hague City Hall and enjoy.

"Streb’s unique movement art – kin to sport, circus, physics experiment, and hard labor-- has reached a peak of theatricality and dare-all virtuosity.” Deborah Jowitt, Village Voice

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