05 February 2016

Saturday, 6 January, Debate: Ethnic Roots

17:00hrs, Korzo theater

It seems obvious that we see the world as it is today represented on stage. Unfortunately this is not the case. At the moment, ethnic diversity is still not embraced in the dance...

29 January 2016

Black is beautiful

‘I fervently hope that Ballet Black will become redundant in the future’

This year the debate about the ‘black dancer’ was passionately reopened in the international press. Or rather: about the lack of black dancers in established western...

29 January 2016

Not bound by age

‘40+- dancers deserve a big repertoire’

If master choreographer Jiří Kylián is upset about one thing, whilst looking back on his career, it’s the fact that NDT3 – the ensemble for 40+ dancers...

Strange characters
Maks Richter
20 January 2016

Strange characters

‘Bigonzetti’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’: different than what you expect in every single way’

The performances of the German Gauthier Dance were one of the highlights of the last Holland Dance Festival. Artistic director Eric Gauthier introduced the Netherlands to one of...

28 November 2015

DanceAble Symposium Livestream!

All of DanceAble Symposium’s plenaire programs can be watched online via the Danceable Livestream. This way, you’re still able to be there, even if you’re not...