Share your passion for dance with Holland Dance

Though dance is created in the studio, it only really comes to life when it comes into contact with an audience. That is when it can amaze, sting, inspire, challenge and thrill people. The power and versatility of dance inspires Holland Dance to go in search of the best on offer in dance – both close to home and way beyond our national borders. Over the years, we have brought celebrities like the French ballerina Sylvie Guillem and the American choreographer Bill T. Jones to the Netherlands, and given talented Dutch artists the opportunity to develop further and reach the top. But Holland Dance does not do this alone. Our sources of inspiration help us succeed in presenting inspiring dance performances in the dance city of The Hague. Whether innovative or critical, one thing is sure – the performances are always exciting. If you are passionate about dance and enjoy being inspired by it, then please help us by becoming a source of inspiration for Holland Dance.